Sarah Machowski Pottery


       In 1999 my father gave me a gift certificate to take classes at the newly opened Canton Clay Works(CCW) in Canton CT says Sarah Machowski. Under the tutelage of master potter Tim Scull, I quickly advanced from beginner to intermediate. By 2004, I had become an instructor at CCW. 

At CCW I was exposed to all types of firings-electric, gas, wood, salt, pit, saggar, sawdust, and raku-all of which have helped me determine which types I like best. Though I love the interplay of smoke and flame in primitive firing techniques, I prefer the stability of an electric kiln for functional wares.

I left CCW in 2015 to join Nutmeg Potters in Winstead, CT, for logistical reasons. They were closer to home and on my way home from work. They also only fired electric, which was a bonus. With the gas kiln at CCW a cross draft forced me to alter the rims of my bowls, or deliberately leave them heavy, so that they would not warp. At Nutmeg, I learned to mix glazes, create more hand-built pieces, and troubleshoot and repair a kiln. In June of 2023, I retired from teaching English for 30 years and moved permanently to Charlestown. In the addition we are adding on, I will have my own ceramic studio, and my next adventure in pottery.

Taking what is essentially mud, and transforming it into something useful and beautiful, is what draws me to creating pottery. I enjoy the interplay of fire and smoke in primitive firing, but I prefer the predictability of an electric kiln.