Current Exhibition, July, 2024 "What If...?-Artists Exploring"

July 3rd through July 28th

Opening Reception: Friday, July 5, from 5—8 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. — 7 p.m.

Sunday, 1 — 5 p.m.

Featured Artists - Carol Mossa and Dan Marantz

©Carol Mossa, Gateway Sign
©Carol Mossa, Gateway Sign
©Dan Marantz, John Brown House Elm River Table
©Dan Marantz, John Brown House Elm River Table
©Carol Mossa, Dust At Dawn
©Carol Mossa, Dust At Dawn
©Carol Mossa, R&M Motors
©Carol Mossa, R&M Motors

While growing up in the 1960's Carol Mossa, like many young women of her age, was encouraged to choose Nursing or Teaching as a viable career path. Carol chose teaching and eventually became a newspaper columnist and the author of 2 books. She pursued an interest in art while attending college by taking classes in painting, film and photography.

In the late 90's Ms. Mossa found her passion while photographing her youngest daughter at competitive equestrian showings. Much of her work has been in the genre of "urbex", urban exploration, photographing abandoned schools, hospitals, asylums, churches, barns ans other structures. In her words, "Each time I enter these hallowed spaces, I am deeply moved by their ruin and their beauty." A special feature of her July exhibit will be photographs and commentary from the artist's cross-country travels entitled, "Unity Across America." As the artist explains, "The USA is more than just two coasts: it is a diverse and complex tapestry of cultures and communities spanning from sea to shining sea. Embracing the Heartland and recognizing its significance is crucial for fostering unity and healing the divides that threaten to tear us apart."

See her ACGOW Artist Page here.

Dan Marantz's artistic journey has taken many turns, from printing to building, to sailing and finally woodworking. All of these have been motivated by a desire to fulfill a passion.

Mr. Marantz is a self-taught woodworker. "I never really considered myself an artist, I just thought I was good with my hands." Encouraged, however, by family and friends who observed his work, after 3 years of working with wood, he decided he would like to show his pieces to a wider audience.

He often works with discarded pieces of wood from torn down buildings, felled trees and other sources where he can see the beauty missed by others. "My Mantra when I begin with a new piece is 'Created by God, crafted by Dan.'" He lets the wood speak to him: its beauty, grain and shape determine what he will craft. "Whether turning a bowl, building a table or other furniture, I think about what the piece of wood could be or how someone might fall in love with it." His work in the July show will highlight the techniques and skills he has mastered in the las few years.

See his ACGOW Artist Page here.

©Dan Marantz, Segmented Bowl
©Dan Marantz, Segmented Bowl
©Dan Marantz, Guarded
©Dan Marantz, Guarded

A Selection of Other Artists' Works You'll See in July

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