Nancy Nielsen Photographer

­      I began my journey as a photographer about 10 years ago when I took an “out-of-the-box” photography class.  It taught me to see things from a different perspective, and has changed my whole life as a result.  I have had my eyes and my mind opened to new ways of seeing and thinking, and this is especially represented in my abstract artwork.

­      Inspired by nature, and a collector of beach treasures, I like to take photographs that leave the viewer pondering their origin. It brings me joy to encourage one’s imagination through the sense of mystery and adventure. Rather than seeing the whole, one is now often looking at a piece of it and seeing something entirely different. By capturing details enhanced by light’s refraction and reflection the ordinary becomes extraordinary!  Color and texture abound, bringing the photos to life.

­      I have received numerous awards for my painterly photographs, and my work is shown in several galleries in Rhode Island.  As a juried artist member of numerous art organizations, I also participate in juried art exhibits and festivals in the New England area. I hope my artistic designs will inspire you to see life in a new way – full of color, detail, uniqueness, wonder, and creativity – leaving you with a sense of peace and happiness.