Lora Cobden Watercolor Painter

       Growing up in the woods, streams and farmland of PA, I continued my love of the outdoors when I moved to RI in 2001. Always a hunter-gatherer, I find peace and serenity in the nature that I cherish around Ninigret pond where I have crab traps, a small oyster farm and where I harvest clams, mussels and scallops. An additional gift are the berries!

In 2005, I was mistakenly gifted a beginner's art set. I live near the Charlestown Community Center and realized they had a painting class there. When I attended, I was thrilled to discover a God-given talent that had lain dormant for 60+ years. They were teaching watercolor, so that is my primary medium but I also dabble in oils. I craft cards using dried flowers and leaves and make Christmas wreaths, trees and ornaments from the shells of the shellfish I've gathered and eaten.

The beauty and essence of nature and its cycles of life resonate in my soul. Whether I paint crabs and oysters or shells and flowers, I am living with and in our treasured island home. 'Tis a blessed gift we have been given. We must do everything we can to protect and preserve it.

Email: lbb776@gmail.com