Lisle Ann Jackson Painterly Photographer

­      Being a retired Mental Health Counselor, I now have time to indulge my passion for creating images. I consider myself a “Painterly Photographer” as I use my photographic device (currently a cell phone) in place of a brush to create the art I desire.

­      I believe my foremost artistic gift is my ability to see and capture imagines in a fairly unique way. I have often been told I have “a good eye”. I delight in creating works that make the viewer question: “what is that?” and my favorite comment has been “you see the beauty in everything”. Flowers and the sea are some of my favorite subjects. I have a love for faces and see them everywhere, especially in nature and wood.

­      Besides ACGOW, I display my works in Par 4 Restaurant in Groton, CT and have essentially turned my home (also in Groton) into an art gallery. In addition, my works are in varied places in the US and Japan.

­      I have a great love for ACGOW and consider my growth as an artist is due to my membership in the gallery.