Laurie Gavitt Water Media Artist

­      My artwork is mostly created with watermedia, which includes watercolors and acrylics. I enjoy the challenge of pushing the mediums to the extreme of their capabilities. My watercolors have many layers of paint, which stimulate my interest in atmospheric moods and pushes the limits of the watercolor's paper absorption. When creating with acrylics, I enjoy experimenting with the newest mediums and paint types. They enable me to explore textures, surface, and paint variations in my artwork. My painting style is realism, leaning into semi-abstraction.

­      As a former commercial artist, I have a strong background in design concepts. My commercial employment experiences include being the in-house artist for the Mystic Aquarium and the artist-in-residence at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

­      I live near the ocean in Rhode Island, which is conveniently close to my favorite painting subjects of seascapes. However, I enjoy traveling for the challenges and stimulation of painting subject matters of different climates and landscapes.