Kristie Foss Jewelry /Polymer Artist

­      Creating is a process of continual self-discovery for me. Artistic media provide wonderful opportunities for creating and exploring, and for learning more about oneself. Sometimes, I start with an idea and set about trying to make it. Other times, a piece evolves as I work. And of course, sometimes, something just sort of "happens".

­      One of the things that I love about polymer clay is the ability to create items that reflect both what I see and what I can imagine. I particularly like making flowers, leaves, and other items with nature themes. These serve as a large source of inspiration for me. With polymer, I can create my own custom mixed colors to match anything I see outside, and then I have the joy of manipulating the clay to create a finished product.

­      One of the beauties of nature is the abundance of color. Color often serves as an inspiration for my pieces. I am sometimes asked if I paint the flowers or other designs. The answer is no. I sometimes use inks, powders or other color agents to create additional layers of color, but designs within the clay are all created by the ways in which the clay is manipulated.