Gisella McSweeny Acrylic Painter

­      I paint because I love the process as much as the end result. I love to watch as a small space evolves and makes me happy, and I hope, in turn, makes the viewer happy. I love color, light, shadow, nocturnes, landscapes, still life, but most of all, I love to experiment by playing with color and styles. My style, I would say, is closest to impressionistic realism or realistic impressionism. I wish to make the ordinary extraordinary. Playing with styles and colors while expressing my competing artistic voices, I very much enjoy the process as I learn. Every day is a painting lesson experience.

­      I am a 4th generation Rhode Island resident. Born in Providence, I grew up in RI and MA, lived many years in Europe, traveled extensively, then settled back in NYC where I received my Ph.D. at NYU in the Arts and Literature Program in the School of Education. I continued teaching there in the Multicultural/Multilingual Program until recently. I reside in both Westerly and NYC.

­      My goal is to enjoy painting and to donate all proceeds to Ukraine rescue efforts and other charitable institutions