Elizabeth Goor Oil Painter

­       Elizabeth Goor was born in Rome, Italy, and moved to the United States as a child. She earned a degree in Italian Literature at Hunter College, in New York and spent her last year abroad in Florence. After retiring from a career in real estate, she began to study painting with several teachers, particularly New England artist Robert Kozora.

­      Her chosen painting medium is oil, which provides texture, lushness, and the possibility of different illusions. Her use of colors dictates the ultimate mood of the painting: hot, vibrant colors for passion and excitement; muted tones for subtlety and restraint.

­      “When I am at my easel, brush in hand, everyday worries drift away. I am enveloped in the colors and richness of the paint, the sound of the brush strokes on the canvas, and the sheer joy of doing something I truly love. Painting allows my mind to be fully occupied with all the decisions to be made: subject, composition, colors, focal point, and a myriad of other components. Thinking ahead and planning are the first steps before I ever pick up my brush. Consequently, my brain is often pushed to its creative limits and hopefully, it’s up to the task.”