Edward C. Porter Photographer

       Most of my photographs are seascapes and landscapes, from Maine,  Rhode Island, and Portugal.  Having been brought up in northeastern Maine, with a lot of exposure to outdoors activities, I really love  the natural world.  I studied drawing, painting, and photography classes in Pennsylvania at what was then called the Philadelphia College of Art.

       I received a masters degree in photography from Rhode Island School of Design. My plan was to teach  college level photography  and do my creative work on the side. Unfortunately, there was a recession when I graduated, and  the photography teaching positions basically disappeared.

       My process is to go out in the natural world, usually in the morning or evening, when the light is at its best.  I like when I can capture an image which can be viewed in different ways, so that you see it differently when you look at it again.

       My work is mostly realistic. However, if the image is not what I envisioned I will work to capture the image as I felt it. If I think a photograph has potential but the lighting was poor, or I could not  get the right exposure due to the time frame available, I will use Photoshop to save the image.