Donna Mazzone Plein Air Watercolorist

       As a plein air watercolorist, Donna is primarily inspired by nature. The majority of her work is started and many times completed on location. This method of painting requires immediacy in applying paint to paper to capture the mood, atmosphere and lighting at a given time. She will return to the same location often at different times of day and weather conditions to really understand and capture the essence of a place. In this way she feels a true connection to the subject she is painting. 

       When not painting on location she will work from the memory and familiarity of a favorite spot and sometimes reference photos. Her hope is that when you look at her painting you will be brought to a time and place where you feel a connection to your natural world 

       Donna spent many successful and fulfilling years as an art teacher to K-12 students as well as adults. In retirement she can focus on exploring her creative spirit and continues to teach farm education to children in a beautiful historic farm setting.