Ardie Harrison Photographer

­      Exploring this wonderful world feeds my soul and brings me great joy. My aspiration is to capture the essence of the subjects I’m drawn to using the creative medium of photography.  Any day I can be outdoors in nature or traveling somewhere interesting is a great day! I am passionate about creating images that express a depth of feeling.

­      I am motivated by my curiosity, sense of adventure and desire to explore. Discovering the world has been a lifelong personal journey of soul-searching and self-discovery. I have found that I have so much in common with people of different cultures. The differences challenge me to see new possibilities within myself.

­      My passion for the outdoors and nature is a visible theme throughout my work.  My greatest challenge is in trying to capture the essence of this remarkable world around me.  I stop to take in and appreciate the opportunity to see and feel its profound beauty before clicking the shutter.  The goal, for me, is less in capturing a beautiful image, and more in relaying the mood, feeling, and emotion before me.  I am moved when I see people from all walks of life displaying true emotion - the depth of an aging face, tradespeople performing a lost art, the wonder of a child - the heartbeat of a city. I can only hope that the viewer will feel some of what I enjoyed, peacefully standing in front of these magnificent views.

­      “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” - Henry David Thoreau