Anita Trezvant Mixed Media


       Anita Trezvant's style of creating has been an ongoing process for over 26 years. Much of her work is a blending of Nature, Myths, and Legends. This blending has helped Anita find her niche in using all types of textiles, fibers, found objects, beads and clay to add to her creations. The pursuit of learning about Earth Based Nature, along with her imagination, has enabled her to produce the work that the public now views. Original contemporary embroidery, original figurative sculpture, collage and mix media jewelry are Anita's mediums of choice at the present time. Anita's work tells a story and she is speaking through her work.

From 2007 to 2015 Anita was the director and owner of Hope Gallery, a commercial gallery in Bristol, RI. The gallery represented local, national and international artists yearly. Being very involved with the business of running a gallery for over eight years, she missed her own creative life. In December of 2015 she decided to retire from promoting other artists, and returned to creating her own art fulltime.

Anita has exhibited in galleries and artist exhibits in Rhode Island and Massachusetts since 1997. Publications that have featured her work include "Handmaid Dolls"-Leading Artists, Signature works by Creative exploration, Lark Studio Series 2001 which was an international juried publication. "500 Handmade Dolls and the Modern Human Form" Lark Books, 2008, and "Soft Dolls and Animals" 2001, "Strong Medicine Man".