Aileen Monahan Quinn Painter

­      Raised on the shores of Narragansett Bay in RI, the youngest of eleven, I managed to slip away, finding creative freedom through watercolor painting as a teen. Surrounded by boats, I began hand lettering sterns and painting signs for small businesses which led me to study the Art of Sign Painting at the Butera School of Art in Boston. After graduating, I learned and worked along side a great many trade artists during the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

­      After raising my family and seeing my trade as a sign artist become computerized, I sought instruction again in the fine arts. Inspired by the impressionistic depictions of natural light, the stirring of emotions by realists such as Wyeth, the watercolors of Homer and the Illustrations Rockwell, I set out to recreate moments in local landscapes as well as create fictitious atmospheric paintings. My natural inclination as an outdoor person has always been to paint En Plein Air, but I have begun to also do still lifes.

­      Each season brings a new transformation in my work as I challenge myself to learn new mediums. Recently, Oil and Pastel Painting have gripped my attention! It is my hope that through my paintings, the viewer may share a memory, an experience or a new idea!