Madeline Beaudry Fiber Art /Mixed Media Artist

       Madeline Beaudry is a mixed media artist living between Wakefield, Rhode Island and Deland, Florida.  She enjoys the flexibility and adventure that comes with working in varied mediums including, paper, clay, acrylic, wool and silk.

       “I take my inspiration from nature. I love working with organic forms that change and evolve during the creative process.  From black and white marks on a blank canvas to complex layers of cloth, paint or paper, I wait in anticipation of how the materials will work with me to bring about a finished form.  Equally fascinating for me is the art of figurative sculpture.  Every figure tells a story and the moment when a figure takes on a personality and is looking up at you is an indescribable experience.”

       The artist also enjoys writing stories for her grandchildren and is in the process of developing three of those stories into illustrated children’s books.

       Ms. Beaudry’s figures, paintings, collages and wearable art are in private collections nationwide.

Email: [email protected]

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