Anna D. Shaw Photographer

       Anna D. Shaw has a B.F.A. in Fine-Art Photography, her second degree after a B.S. considerably earlier. She was a freelance photographer in Massachusetts for 21 years before moving to Maine full-time in 2000. She specialized in large-format architectural work, medium-format environmental portraiture, and photographing portfolios, as well as fine art photography.

       Since 1990, the lattermost was multi-toned multiple prints, which she still shows. After moving to Maine, she no longer had a darkroom, so was forced to take up digital photography. She soon learned how many fascinating things could be done with the computer to make images more exciting and evocative.

       Recently she has been exploring the slightly different world of computerized multiple printing. Anna has shown her work widely in the Boston area, twice in New York, and once in England while she lived in MA, and continued in the mid-coast area of Maine before moving to Mystic.

       All prints done on the computer are archivally printed on high quality archival paper. She has several different categories of work.

       A more detailed Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.