Samantha Kravitz Porcelain Jewelry

­     I am a porcelain ceramicist based in Rhode Island. I make porcelain jewelry in my home studio. Each piece is hand formed and then high-fired in an electric kiln. I love to experiment with glazes, and I use various techniques to decorate my pieces. I am inspired by the simple beauty of the New England coast, and the many talented local artists who work and live here.

I have crafted a line of fine, handmade jewelry that is both highly wearable and visually striking. I sell my work at local and regional art fairs in the Northeast as well as several galleries in Rhode Island.

My work reflects my love of color, form, and function. I am inspired by the natural world and this fascination is reflected in all of my pieces. My work is all hand-built using porcelain clay, and my forms range from strictly geometric to organic. I use a combination of glazes to achieve various design techniques including underglazes and overglazes. All of my pieces are fired two times in an electric kiln but some are fired a third time to achieve a sparkling gold accent.

I love making porcelain jewelry and sharing its beauty and function with others. Each day in my studio is another opportunity to make something beautiful.