Kol Naylor Metalsmith

­      Kol S. Naylor was trained in Metalsmithing at the Kendall School of Art and Design and at the Miami Jewelry Institute. She offers a full collection of jewelry in precious metals, plated precious metals and gemstones. Her works are inspired by nature and include delicate components individually hand-formed in her studio in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  She has been published in the Lark Collection of Best Rings and was awarded Best of Show at Art Providence.

­      She states, "My use of color is unique and unexpected. In some pieces I incorporate Lampwork Glass Beads made by me, in addition to including some of the most talented Beadmakers in the world. This makes my handmade work widely embraced, vibrant and completely compelling. My studio is a converted boathouse, which allows me all the inspiration needed to create my work. My pieces are collected by women who not only want to enhance their existing jewelry and wearable collections but make these one-of-a-kind pieces the prizes they are."

Kol's Website  

Email: kolnaylor@gmail.com