Donna St. Amant Photographer and Metalsmith

With my 31 year career as an engineer behind me, I'm now able to pursue my passions to the fullest. I've rekindled my love of photography. I capture the close up detail and beauty of flowers, worn beached objects, and elements of nature that cross my path on a flatbed scanner. Once used to digitize my photographic negatives, the scanner is now my 'studio camera' and the fine detail it captures never ceases to amaze me. I also enjoy shooting landscapes, seascapes, and, especially, gardens both formal and wild with a converted infrared camera. I'm drawn to the surreal effect of brightened foliage and the contrast of light and dark tones.

In my metalsmith work, I transform sheet and wire into objects of adornment. I work in recycled sterling silver (Argentium) and gold, employing ancient techniques such as Chasing and Repousse, Keum Boo and Granulation, but move them in a contemporary direction. My pieces are textural and often oxidized to give them a softer aged appearance. Gemstones, pearls, or cabochons are incorporated as a focal point, to contrast with surface texture or to introduce an element of color.


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